Gary has been my trusted advisor for thirty years. He helped structure the sale of two of my trucking businesses. He has subsequently provided tremendous guidance with other investments I have made. He is a great sounding board and voice of reason. His holistic approach has been crucial to the financial health of my family and me.


Gary Kaye has been our trusted family and business Chartered accountant for almost 20 years while he was a senior partner at Ernst Young. During that time he helped steer us successfully through many personal and corporate issues. We were so happy with the results of his efforts on our behalf that when he started his own consulting company, GPK Advisory, we did not have to think twice to become a client. In a short time he has offered exceptional and beneficial advice on a myriad of business issues. This has helped advance our company’s growth in a significant way. Whether to do with corporate negotiations with our European head office or helping plan our expansion into the USA, Gary’s vast business experience and general wisdom has been invaluable. We have experienced the same kind of positive benefits on the personal financial side. He has real talent and insight into how people and families think and operate, which leads to very wise advice concerning all kinds of topics including income management, estate planning, etc.   All in all, we would recommend Gary’s services wholeheartedly. Additionally, if you’re interested, you can also read Leadership in Action: James Dooley’s Story to learn more about the steps needed to launch an online business.



I have known and worked with Gary for the past 15 years. He acted as my personal and company financial advisor. Gary effectively steered us through the financial highs and lows of my business. His sound advice often paid great dividends. More recently, his assistance with the sale of my company resulted in maximizing our financial position. It is now with great pleasure that I am continuing to work with Gary strictly on a personal level, preparing for our retirement. Gary has included my wife in these meetings, ensuring we make financial decisions jointly. We highly recommend Gary.


I have always been overwhelmed by finances and taxes, but working with GPK Advisory Services has given me the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding my financial situation. Gary Kaye has always been able to explain complicated concepts to me in a way that is simple, clear and relatable to me. He is able to take my husband’s and my conflicting financial beliefs and find investment solutions that we are both happy with. I would highly recommend GPK Advisory Services to anyone looking for financial and investment clarity.


I have had the pleasure of working with Gary for the past 5 years. When my husband stated that Gary wanted me to be involved in the meetings I was hesitant, having always left our finances in what I believed to be the capable hands of my husband. Gary has guided my husband and I through the process of developing a lifestyle plan for our retirement, consolidating our finances to better meet our goals and even developing a will which clearly expresses our wishes. Gary’s breadth of knowledge and contacts, along with his inclusive approach to financial planning has given me the confidence to make informed decisions about our financial situation. I cannot thank him enough.


Gary has provided sound financial judgement and targeted simple, but foolproof solutions to matters of taxation, savings and investing. We have benefited from his advice and saved ourselves some hassles. Gary is delightful to work with and builds great connections. We strongly recommend him as a financial coach.


Gary and his common sense approach to financial planning have been extremely beneficial to me. Gary took the time to get to know me and my personal goals and helped me to design a strategy to achieve them. I highly recommend Gary’s services.


As a young professional in Toronto, I was finding it overwhelming trying to organize and structure my business and personal finances in an effective and logical way. What I realized was, there are a lot of people giving opinions but all of these opinions and ideas seem to be self fulfilling, not to mention there is also a lot of bad advice out there. Gary offered a truly unbiased professional opinion based on years of experience and after meeting with him I discovered I had some very big problems in my financial structure, and I was not taking full advantage of some tax saving platforms. Gary has seen just about everything in his career and to have access to his knowledge base is truly a privilege. I would, and do, recommend GPK Advisory to all my friends and family.