April 2018

I’d been musing over what to write as my April Tip of the Month when I received a note from a contact of mine. My contact suggested that I should advise people to throw out credit cards they rarely use.

Taking this suggestion further, you should also close any investment accounts or bank accounts you rarely use. These accounts have a way of mushrooming over the years.

Check what you’re carrying in your wallet.  There are very few items you need to carry with you in today’s world. I have friends whose wallets look like George Costanza’s. Most of you know what happened to George’s wallet at the end of the show.

Having received this suggestion, it made me think there must be other useful tips that people might have. If you have a suggestion you think is worth sharing, I’d be pleased to include it as a Tip of the Month. Please send me a note if you have one.

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