March 2021

Unfortunately, we’re still in the midst of battling covid-19!  The full impact will only be understood in the years to come.   We all want to know when we’ll get our old lives back.  Economists are predicting a spending boom when the spread of covid-19 has been stemmed and the majority of people have been vaccinated.  I expect the recovery to be very uneven.  Some businesses will flourish and others will perish.  On the personal side, a few people will be very successful financially, but it’s going to be a struggle for the majority.   It’s more important than ever to understand your financial situation.  You need to review your assets/liabilities, as well as your income/expenses.  Be realistic in your income projections and conservative in your expense projections.   Acknowledge where you stand and plan for the future.  Closing your eyes and hoping is not the best plan!

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