November 2016

This month’s Tip has nothing to do with insurance, investments, taxes or wills!! It’s about how much your home phone is costing you!

Some people have dispensed with their home phone. However, there are many who still have one. Most of them monitor the service plans they have for their cell phones, and negotiate with their provider. However, they don’t have the same approach when it comes to the service provider for their home phone.

Unfortunately, I fell into this category and decided to take a look at it! I considered eliminating my home phone service completely. When I started to examine what I was being charged and what my alternatives were, it resulted in a reduction in my monthly charge from $70 to $20. A great return for a minimum amount of time, and I decided to keep our home phone service.

If you have a home phone, review the charges you’re paying and the service you’re receiving. I’m sure it will be time well spent.

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